Thursday, May 27, 2010

Facial Mask Thursday!

Congratulations to Cleanser Wednesday's winners, Cathy & Scott!

Today we are continuing our Frenzy with Facial Mask Thursday!

Throughout the day, we will discuss facial masks on Facebook. On Twitter, we will tweet about facial masks and try to get the word out to as many people as possible! Once we have reached 200 followers, we will randomly choose 12 people total who will then receive a FREE South of France Spa Naturals facial mask (Winners will be contacted via Direct Message). We will also randomly choose 13 subscribers of our newsletter to win facial masks! You can subscribe here, in the box that reads, “Sign up to receive special promotions.” Later today, we will post a question on right HERE on the blog that will require a closer look at the South of France Spa Naturals website, in which TWO people will win FULL spa kits! Stay tuned and have a wonderful FACIAL MASK THURSDAY!

BTW, did you know that our company also makes healthy snacks??? For other great opportunities, become a fan of the Good Health Natural Foods page on Facebook, follow @GHNaturalSnacks on Twitter, and make sure you all follow the BLOG!

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