Monday, August 16, 2010

Article in North Carolina Magazine, Natural Triad

South of France's Director of Marketing and Product Development, Candace Kaufman, recently wrote and an informative article, "Buyer Beware, are your Beauty Products Killing you?"

South of France has taken a vow to make better-for-you products that are just as effective, if not better, than our competitors. "Buyer Beware..." calls out harmful ingredients that you will NOT find in South of France products, but that are VERY commonly found in products that many people use day in and day out. Candace reminds us all that "having great skin doesn't have to come at a price" and "having beautiful skin starts by taking care of yourself from within." As much as we all worry about break outs and wrinkles, we should worry twice as much about the types of products we use on our bodies, and their ingredients, which essentially seep into our bodies. There is a way to promote healthy skin without inducing poor health.

Be sure to check out Candace's article! It's sure to be a very interesting and informative read!

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