Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fun in the Sun- Protect Yourself!

Fourth of July weekend begins tomorrow and many people will be cooking out, poolside or headed to the beach. This also means that people will be spending more time stuck in traffic; they will be spending more money on traveling expenses, and they will be spending more time in the sun.

Exposing yourself to the sun without using the proper precautions can lead to damaging effects on your body and skin, including but not limited to sunburn, melasma, sun spots and skin cancer.

While South of France does not currently produce sun screens, I wanted to emphasize the importance of sun protection; moreover, I wanted to share some NATURAL recipes for sun protection. Organic Body Care Recipes by Stephanie Tourles provides a number of all natural concoctions to protect oneself from the sun. Below are a couple that I found most interesting.


1/4 CUP jojoba base oil
1/4 CUP neem base oil
1/4 CUP pure aloe vera juice
1/4 CUP sesame base oil
3 TEASPOONS vitamin E oil
1 TEASPOON anhydrous lanolin

Tourles writes:

Add all ingredients to a storage container. The aloe vera juice is water-based and will separate out (as if you were making an oil and vinegar salad dressing), so the formula must be vigorously shaken each time prior to use.

No refrigeration is required if the product will be used within 3 weeks. If refrigerated, the oil will keep for 4 to 6 months. It will thicken when chilled but will liquefy when allowed to warm to room temperature.

APPLICATION TIPS: Apply to the entire body immediately before and repeatedly during sun exposure. The base oils won't leave an oily film if massaged in thoroughly (unless too much is applied).

This recipe should yield approximately 1 1/8 cup


1 CUP aloe vera juice
20 DROPS lavendar essential oil
10 DROPS rosemary (chemotype verbenon) essential oil

Tourles writes:

Place all ingredients in a storage container and shake well to blend. Please keep refrigerated and use within 4 to 6 months.

APPLICATION TIPS: Spray on skin as often as necessary.

This recipe should yield 1 CUP

These recipes are made to protect your skin without the harmful chemicals found in most products sold in stores. No time to make an all-natural sunscreen? Research to find sunscreens that contain the least amount of toxic ingredients as possible.

Keep these recipes in mind for your next vacation, but be sure to use SOME type of protection.

Happy Fourth of July!

Tourles, Stephanie. Organic Body Care Recipes. Storey Publishing. 2007.

Check out Stephanie Tourles' blog!

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