Friday, July 30, 2010

"Going Green"

People all around the world are recognizing the toll that the human race and its man-made creations are taking on our planet. Consequently, in the past few years, there has been a conscious move towards leading more sustainable lifestyles. This movement has been generally labeled, “Going Green,” and has brought about great change in every realm that has an impact on our lives- from the mini-market around the corner, right on up to the suits and ties in corporate America. Companies are realizing how serious and aware people are becoming about the quality of products that they are bringing into their homes and they are making adjustments, banks and other businesses are encouraging paperless bills, restaurants are changing their carry-out boxes and cups, the list goes on and on.

Throughout the week I have been asking you all your thoughts and suggestions regarding going green on both South of France Facebook pages. I’ve compiled your (Fans of South of France Natural Body Care and South of France Spa Naturals) responses and added a few of my own to create a list of suggestions for those of you that are trying to lead green lives.

Paperless bills
Water filters in place of plastic bottles
Use reusable grocery bags
Natural cleaning supplies
Natural beauty products
Use of as many natural and organic products as possible- CHECK THE INGREDIENTS!
Shop at Farmers’ Markets or grow your own fruits & veggies
Monitor the quantity of products that you use
Walk, bike, and carpool as much as possible
Switching to LED lights
Solar panels on your house/solar cooking in your yard

***Also, check out this great article from the Worldwatch Institute: "10 ways to Go Green and Save Green."

Feel free to add to this list!

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